Green living does not stop at lowering energy costs in the home or having solar backup panels for power. Green living should extend to every member of the family including the baby. Here are a few ideas for creating a green living nursery for your upcoming family addition or for the baby you already have.

Natural Bedding

The best place to start creating a green nursery is the bedding. The bedding is usually one of the places that you can find synthetic fibers and irritation points. Blankets, sheets, mattress pads and bumpers can all cause irritation to a child. Look for soft natural fibers like cotton or hemp fabrics. Keep in mind that hemp fibers can be itchy and stiff. Make sure if you choose a natural hemp fiber, that you choose in person. This will let you feel the fibers and judge how soft or stiff they are.

Natural Laundry Soap

Try to choose a natural laundry soap for bedding and baby wearables. This will cut down on irritation to the skin and possible allergic reactions to various ingredients in commercial detergents. You can also choose to make your own laundry detergent using any one of the hundreds of methods online. In fact, if you are interested in making your own laundry detergent check out our blog discussing the aspects of the process.

Air Purifier

No matter how well you clean your house you will still have some allergens in the air. It is just a fact of life. Unfortunately, some families decide to compensate with an overabundance of aerosol sprays and cleansers to remove the allergens. This process only creates more allergens and hazards. To avoid this issue you can purchase an air purifier. The air purifier will clean the air and keep the baby breathing easier.

Fresh Light

Remember to use fresh light whenever possible in the room. This will reduce energy costs, but it will also allow the baby to get fresh sunshine even when you may not be able to take the baby outside due to weather conditions. You may also want to consider light sources that offer “natural” light. These can be purchased at organic and natural stores online and in natural living stores.