There are hundreds of green living companies offering thousands of services. We all know that the most popular names in green living are Seventh Generation, Gaiam and Watkins Natural Products but living a green lifestyle is about more than cleaning. Here are the top five green living companies that you should know are trying to make a difference.


Suncor, a refinery based in Canada, is on the top of the list for companies you should know about. When some green lifestylers hear the word refinery they tend to run the other way. Suncor is out to change that with an aspect to their projects many other refineries do not use. They think about the ecological effects before any project is approved and actually stop or alter the project if the ecological effects are too high.


This San Francisco based company has gone far and beyond the California regulations that govern green and Eco-friendly practices. PG&E generates over 50 percent of their electricity from non-greenhouse gas sources. That’s just one step the company has taken. They also offer subsidies for homeowners who purchase energy efficient products and home appliances. They are also working on a project that will use cows natural waste to create electricity.


Nike has made it their goal to be as green as possible. Their plan, that has been working well since its start, begins not with Nike but with their suppliers. Nike requires that their suppliers practice green solutions that leave smaller carbon footprints, decrease pollution and decrease the chance of water contamination.


In addition to their green living programs for Earth Day this company has decided to think green across the board. They purchase renewable energy resources and have placed their data centers in areas that will decrease their need for high energy usage by air conditioning and heating .

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson does not just test and review what they could do to the environment they actually set limits and timelines for projects that keep their energy usage low. They have also been trying to run a fully operational plant in New Jersey that runs off of only solar power.