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Green and ecological friendly transportation can be a bit tricky. There are many myths concerning the availability and the productivity level of hybrid cars. There are also various transportation solutions that are being offered across the globe that may or may not be as ecologically friendly sounding as they first appear. For example, a production of a hybrid car may offset the green living transportation options that the hybrid car offers. The following are a few of the transportation options available to those individuals interested in creating a green transportation lifestyle for themselves or for their community. These transportation options have various levels of green living benefits and have various levels of controversy surrounding them.

Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid vehicles of the most common vehicles offering ecological and green living benefits in the transportation niche. Hybrid vehicles will generally run off of gas and electric combinations. For example, a hybrid vehicle may run on gas first to start the engine and swhich to the electric option or vice versa. There is been controversy with hybrid vehicles due to the fact that production of these vehicles may outweigh in pollution and non-ecological friendly options as opposed to what the hybrid vehicle itself offers. Hybrid vehicles are generally more expensive, however they are increasingly popular due to their increase in miles per gallon and their decrease in the financial obligation of gas purchases for consumers.

Biofuel Transportation

Biofuel transportation was once thought to be a fuel option or transportation option that individuals would have to create on their own. However, in recent years many major vehicle corporations have moved to biofuel options. Biofuel uses various forms of fuel sources including corn fuel sources. Biofuel is still a fairly new concept in the mainstream form of transportation, however many individuals are learning ways to create a biofuel option for themselves. Biofuel burns cleaner and is considered to be one of the cheapest options. This means that the financial benefits of biofuel can benefit on a personal level as well as the reduced pollution benefits of this green transportation option.

Cycling Options

Unfortunately, when many individuals consider a chance for into a green transportation option is option of cycling does not come into play. There are very few individuals who do consider or seriously consider a cycling option as a green transportation option for them. However, if you live in a smaller community and your job or out of the house endeavors require less than a 5 mile drive, then cycling may be a very viable option for your transportation needs. There are several issues and present cons of this form transportation. However, cycling is considered to be one of the most green transportation options due to the fact that it does not use fuel, does not pollute the air and it is an ecologically financially sound option for consumers.

There are several other options in transportation that can be considered for green living. However, this is still a very personal niche level of green living that individuals tend to encounter. This form of green living and the options that are chosen by consumers tend to fit the consumers needs and personal lifestyle choices rather than the most ecological or financially beneficial choice.

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