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Green travel and ecological travel have becoming recently popular in recent years. Green travel options include travel options to ecological friendly locations and to green living travel destination spots. The most popular forms of green travel are those that allow individuals to learn while they are on vacation. The following are a few green travel options that can be considered for your next vacation. These options have various levels of green living and lifestyle commitment and various forms of travel options available to both individuals and families.


Eco-cruises are a very popular form of green travel with several individuals and families. Green cruises generally offer a full green travel option. This means that everything from the cruise liner to the food is considered to be environmentally friendly and organic. Various locations are available through Holland America, Celebrity Cruises and Disney Cruise line. Examples of eco-cruise locations are cruises to Alaska and the Bahamas. These cruises can last a long weekend or as long as two weeks depending on the destination options and package options chosen. Organic foods, eco-friendly rooms and chemical free environments are available on these Eco-Cruise package options and cruise lines.

Cycling Travel Destinations

Cycling travel destinations are a form of green travel that several individuals who enjoy the outdoors enjoy. The cycling travel destinations are designed to allow individuals to either rent a cabin location and enjoys cycling options throughout the day or to go on a cycling trip over the course of several days. Cycling destinations can be found throughout the United States and across the globe. This is a way for individuals to incorporate green living, ecological friendly environments and health in their vacation. Cycling travel destinations are also ideal for families with children who enjoy bicycling and cycling. Many cycling travel destinations will also have tracks for dirtbike and BMX bike options.

Camping and Survival

Camping and survival travel destinations are a common green travel option or ecological travel option for individuals who want to learn camping and survival skills or for those individuals who want to can for their vacation. There are various forms of camping and survival packages. Camping packages can range from RV camping to tent camping and state parks. Survival camping and survival techniques travel options for vacations are offered by several survival instructors and survival organizations across the globe. The most popular organizations are organizations such as the Pathfinder school. This type of vacation option is chosen by those individuals and families who want to learn about the outdoors, conservation techniques or techniques to use during a catastrophic event. They are very popular and can lead to certifications and conservation and other for street conservation endeavors.

Most any travel agency can offer eco-friendly and green travel options for customers. These options are generally available as an alternative to their non-ecological friendly counterparts. Travel agents may also have destinations that are not as well-known and options not as well-known to individuals who would like to begin green travel destinations as part of their family or individual travel options.

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