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Why Go Green

Going green is not just a slogan. For some people the concept of going green is a lifestyle adjustment that encompasses every aspect of a person’s lifestyle. To someone looking in at this lifestyle, the concept of why someone should go green may seem odd. All an outsider may see is someone who recycles, carpools and chooses to buy organic food. The truth is the option to go green has several reasons and benefits that may not be outwardly apparent.

Lifestyle Benefits

Despite popular belief, there is a large number of green lifestylers who chose the go green path for lifestyle benefits rather than ecological and environmental benefits. The lifestyle benefits of going green and be far reaching. An example of a lifestyle benefit from going green is found with the reduction of chemicals in the diet and personal atmosphere. Buying organic food, a popular go green lifestyle choice, leads to a reduction in chemicals and preservatives entering the body. It may also reduce, if not completely avoid, encounters with GMO foods. In the personal environment, the use of natural products can reduce the intake of toxins into the system through airborne chemicals. For someone with allergies or concerns over their health, the lifestyle benefits can be a huge reason for why you would go green.

Local Environment Benefits

Answering the question of why someone would go green or should go green can be difficult when the benefits reach into the local environment. For some people, the benefits to the local area and its citizens can mean more than any sort of personal lifestyle benefits they may receive. An example of local environmental benefits can be the reduction of chemicals and pollutants in the air. This is noticeable in larger cities, but may be difficult to implement throughout the city as a whole. The reduction of chemicals and pollutants in the air can be seen, more effectively, in smaller rural and suburban communities. This reason to go green offers a cleaner breathing environment, safe foods and safe water systems.

Global Benefits

The prime reason to go green is for the global benefits on a whole. Overall, many green lifestylers feel that their efforts may start off on a small scale, but will spread to others. Someone who lives a green lifestyle may believe they will be able to share their lifestyle with others through friendships, networking or some sort of community outreach. Eventually the community outreach will reach to larger and larger areas and ultimately to global endeavors. Examples of the global events can be seen daily with recycling efforts, urban gardening developments, eco-friendly real estate and organic food options.

The truth is more and more people are turning to the go green lifestyle for various reasons. The reasons may start as an allergy to a chemical that can be replaced with a natural alternative. Others may start with the concept of providing organic food, geothermal living or a goal of a completely off grid lifestyle. Though the reasons vary, the answer to why go green can be found in the desire to life healthy and keep the Earth around and safe as long as possible.

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