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Published on Sunday, September 27, 2015

5 Crazy Reusable Items You Wouldn’t Believe

5 Crazy Reusable Items You Wouldn’t Believe

We all know that old saying, “reduce, reuse, recycle” that has been drilled into our heads. But how often do we do all of these things? Recycling may be an everyday thing for many of us, but our reducing and reusing skills could use some improvement.

If you could use some help trying to cut back on your waste by reusing everyday items, here are some creative ways to reuse items you probably didn’t even know you could do:

Turn old CDs into decorative mosaic tiles

In the word of smartphones, digital music, and streaming movie services, our old CDs and DVDs are losing their place in this world. Instead of letting these sad items head to landfills, reuse them in a fun way. You can create a cool art piece or decorate a sign or plate by cutting up your old CDs and using the pieces as a mosaic decoration. The shiny backs reflect light in a neat way, or use the picture on the front to create an artsy montage.

Use old picture frames as cute serving trays

Grandma’s old picture frames that really do not match your walls don’t have to be tossed just yet. Instead, take out the pictures and replace them with cute paper to match the frame. Then clean the glass, and take off the hook on the back of the frame. You now have a cute serving tray for coffee and small dishes. Impress your house guests with your creativity and eco-friendly ways at your next dinner party or coffee date.

Repurpose that old card holder as a hideaway minibar

As technology is improving and evolving, we are becoming an increasingly paperless world-yay! So with our transition from paper products to online services, we no longer need our old office supplies like filing cabinets and car holder. So why not use these items in a way that will actually benefit us; to hold our booze of course! Our old card holders can make a cute mini bar by stuffing our bottles in the pullout drawers. This little filing cabinet can be painted, and repurposed to fit in your basement or living room and a cute, creative and convenient way to add to a party and entertain your guests.

Fix a broken umbrella into a fun parachute

While a broken umbrella may be of no use to you, you can take it apart and take out the sharp wood and metal pieces to make a cute little parachute for your kids to play with. Buy a few little plastic balls, if you don’t have those laying around the house, and watch your kids pop these balls up and down and flutter this parachute in the wind. This will occupy your kids for a bit, and will not cost you a penny to make! Plus you can save this umbrella from a grim future in a landfill for eternity.

Melt old crayons to make a colorful candle

Your kids are getting older, but you still have millions of old crayons stashed around the house. Instead of tossing these, why not repurpose them into a colorful candle? All you need is a candle wick and a glass jar. Then pick like colors, peel and recycle the paper wrapper, and melt the crayons. Then pour individual layers into the jar, giving a little time to harden between the layers so that the colors don’t fuse together. Keep the wick standing tall, and then cut it to your desired length once the jar is filled. Now you have a fun and eco-friendly candle that will brighten up a dull room.

With these creative projects, you can save money by repurposing your old junk and reducing your carbon footprint!

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Author: Organic Jeff

Categories: Ways to Go Green, Green Living

Tags: reusable items, recyclable things


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