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Published on Wednesday, December 6, 2017

5 Heartwarming Animal Stories


A baby deer possibly only one day old fell into a small hole in the backyard of a man named Kevin Collom. Kevin very gently calmed the deer down and rescued it safely from the hole. He then walked around allowing the baby to call its mother in different areas for her to hear his call. The mother quickly heard the calls and came to finally reunite with her baby. The baby deer is later seen a little older and dropping by Kevin’s backyard with his mother for a visit.

A baby monkey with a bad leg injury had to spend three weeks in a sanctuary while it was healing. The wild monkey’s family hung around the sanctuary continuously waiting to reunite with their baby. When the moment finally came and the baby was released, the family was extremely excited and are seen hugging and embracing each other. you can support the Umsizi Umkomaas Vervet Rescue Centre:

Two piglets caught in a terrible fire were rescued and taken in by their rescuers. The piglets had badly burned hooves that needed immediate care. The rescuers are now taking special care of them allowing them to heal and grow up safely. You can support the Equality Sanctuary:

Police chase down a cow that escaped with his five brothers from a slaughterhouse. The cows were captured and sent back to the slaughterhouse when people from the the Gentle Barn bought them to allow them a second life. You can support the Gentle Barn's fundraiser:

A stray dog named Sassy was terrified of humans and has never had any human contact. She was rescued and carefully trained for six months until she was more accepting of stranger interaction. Sassy was finally adopted by a family who had two other dogs that she loved to be with. You can support Coastal German Shepherd Rescue :

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Author: AThompson

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