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Published on Monday, February 5, 2018

A Baby Squirrel’s Happy Ending


In a recent video shared by The Dodo, a young man named Ray shares the story of how he came across an unconscious squirrel on his way back home from a party. Ray found the squirrel unconscious under a tree by his house at night and he decided to try to save the squirrel by taking him to the veterinarian. The vet was only able to offer the option to put him down if that was what Ray wanted. However, Ray was determined to save the squirrel so he took him home and taught himself how to care for young squirrels. Luckily, Ray’s dog Lucy was also cooperative, gentle, and accepting when near the young squirrel, now named Nut. Lucy adopted Nut and treated him like her own baby.

Nut was happy and grateful for his new home. He began to grow bigger and more confident around Ray and the house. Nut wanted to spend all this time with Ray, climbing between his sleeves and into his clothes. Although Ray loved having Nut around, he knew that Nut deserved a chance at living a normal life in the wild. As Nut got bigger and too energetic to stay at home, he began to take him on outdoor walks with him and Lucy, allowing him to explore nature and teaching him to climb on trees. Nut knew exactly what to do outside, and instantly began to build his own nest on a tree. Nut now lives with other squirrels close to his old home where he can visit and see his dad whenever he wants.

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Author: AThompson

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