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Published on Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Coral Reef Discovery in the Amazon River


Greenpeace has recently released video footage of a coral reef discovered in the Amazon River. This is considered one of the most amazing discoveries in nature because, by textbook standards, coral reefs do not grow in freshwater systems such as the Amazon River. The coral reef was first discovered by researchers in 2012 after hearing rumors of the reef’s existence. It covers an area of 3,667 square miles and runs between 164 and 328 feet deep.

The slow moving video captures the coral reef’s beauty in its unexpected environment. A deep-diving vehicle was used to film the coral reef at a slow and steady pace to see the reef’s many intricate details and species. The reef is located in an area with murky water and strong currents, so the slow filming was necessary to get a good glimpse of the reef. Researchers found an abundance of marine life, including a sponge surrounding the reef that weighs just as much as a baby elephant. Scientists are investigating the reef further to find out whether it’s inhabited by unidentified species.

Despite this amazing discovery, the area where the coral reef was found is being threatened by oil companies. The companies have estimated that the area has between 15 and 20 billion barrels of oil. To help save the Amazon and its coral reef, Greenpeace has taken conservation efforts to prevent companies from drilling and potentially spilling oil in one of the world’s most valuable ecosystems.

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Author: AThompson

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