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Published on Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Clownfish Team Effort


Incredible footage of clownfish behavior was recorded and shown for the first time in the third episode of Blue Planet II by BBC Earth. The short video shows the struggle of a small clownfish trying to move a coconut shell across the ocean floor and back to a sea anemone. The fish was much smaller than the shell and too weak to move it on its own, until another fish joined halfway through and helped push the coconut shell successfully to the sea anemone.

The fish are seen working in a team and taking turns to tumble the shell until the tough task is completed.The two fish then proceeded to adjust the sea anemone’s tentacles and then tuck the shell under the anemone ensuring a safe environment for the female to begin laying eggs. Clownfish use sea anemone since they are covered in sting cells that the fish are immune to, which keeps them protected from predators. It also eats the harmful invertebrates on the sea anemone.The anemone also benefits from the high pitched sound clownfish produce scaring off predators that feed on sea anemone like the butterfly fish.

More of the episode and more beautiful natural wildlife wonder can be found on the Youtube channel dedicated to BBC Earth.

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Author: AThompson

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