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Published on Thursday, May 4, 2017

Could Edible Water Blobs - Wasteful Plastic Bottles?


Plastic bottles have become one of the most harmful inventions for humans and environmental health.

In fact, according to the The Water Project and The World Counts, every second approximately 1,500 plastic bottles end up in the oceans or landfills. And unfortunately, they can take over 1,000 years to biodegrade. If plastic bottles are incinerated they also release toxic fumes in the atmosphere. In short, our planet now faces a plastic crisis.

Thankfully, there are scientists who are taking the initiative to create alternative forms of packaging. Skipping Rocks Lab, for example, is a London based research team whose mission is “to create a waste-free alternative to plastic bottles/cups/plates/you name it.” They’ve recently developed Ooho water blobs with an edible casing. This unique way to package liquids is made of 100% plants and seaweed so you won’t have to worry about harmful toxins. 

These spherical casings are not only edible but also biodegradable and have a shelf life of a few days. Skipping Rocks Lab also boasts that the manufacturing process uses 9 times less energy and produces 5 times less carbon dioxide than PET containers. They also claim that the water blobs are cheaper to make than plastic. This video gives you a sneak peek of what it looks like to drink out of an edible Ooho water blob.

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