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Published on Friday, February 2, 2018

Dangerous Seduction: The Mating of the Tarantula


For many species of spiders, mating can be a deadly encounter, often ending with the female eating the male. In this video, a male Tarantula is on a quest to find a mate. he just spent four years waiting patiently to reach maturity and has two months to live. He barely eats or sleeps for a few days until he finds what he is looking for; threads of silk that are left behind by a female which were marked with her pheromones. These silks lead him to her lair where she is waiting for a suiter of her type.

The female lives up to thirty years and has seen many males come, go, and in this case, die. Once he locates her den, the male commences with a series of tapping to which she also replies to with tapping. The female then emerges from her den at which point the male needs to be cautious as the next few minutes can cost him his life. This male however, is very skilled with his seduction game. He approaches her head on and they both raise their front arms, The male gently strokes the female's body who then opens up her fangs to allow him to come closer. He then deposits his packets of sperm into the female’s reproductive opening located on the underside of her abdomen. During mating the female gets into a trance like state which then gives the male some time to back up and escape before the female decides to attack.   

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Author: AThompson

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