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Published on Monday, October 16, 2017

Flippy the Burger Robot


“Flippy” the kitchen assistant created by Miso robotics is a highly sophisticated robot that can autonomously cook a perfect round shaped burger pattie, then place it on a previously prepared bun and notify its human companion to complete the final steps to a great burger every single time.

Standing over a hot stove for long hours with a minimum wage salary is just not what scientists at Miso robotics think humans should be doing. That is why “Flippy” was created. As shown in the Miso Robotics video, Flippy is equipped with detection cameras and sensors, wheels to enable portability, a highly mechanical and precision automated arm with a round burger pattie mold, and the ability to connect the restaurant system to a live visual development and communication tool. Flippy is made to be easily installed within 5 minutes and is here to rid employees of the tedious burger cooking task, reduce traffic in restaurant kitchens, and therefore increase the average minimum wage in the industry.

The robot is not made to displace the human factor of the job; instead, it was created to partially take over the kitchen, completing only half of the job and leaving the cheese and any additional seasoning and quality control to be done by the supervising human. The makers hope it will increase efficiency and human productivity in the restaurant industry. More benefits that Flippy the robot can bring to the workplace include ensuring consistent food quality for the restaurant allowing employees more time to complete other tasks like focusing on delivering great customer service.

The widespread fear of humans losing jobs to robots is quickly becoming a reality, with a projected 7 million jobs to be lost to robots within the next 5 years and only 2 million new jobs to open up for humans. However as we exponentially dive into a more technological world, we also are being confronted with new and different challenges to overcome, and humans will always be required to take on those new roles as they are discovered. Because implementation of technology and automated systems is a new development to the industry, we cannot accurately predict what the new jobs will be, according to the CEO of Miso Robotics David Zito.


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