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Published on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Green Living Hydroponics Companies

Green Living Hydroponics Companies
Hydroponics is one of the ways green living lifestylists and urban green living families choose to become sustainable and self-reliant. In some areas, finding locally grown produce and organic food can be difficult and costly. In fact, some green living families may spend more money and create a larger carbon footprint by trying to find organic food and get it to them rather than just growing food themselves. With hydroponics a family of four can provide food throughout the year for less than a $200 startup fee . With the help of local and online hydroponic companies, a family can obtain everything they need to create the perfect hydroponic garden for their home. Here are four green living hydroponic companies that can help families meet their organic food goals. is one of the premier hydroponic companies currently online. This company provides instruction as well as pre made kits for window hydroponic units. The window farms use recycled water bottles, air pumps, mesh flower pots and seeds or sprouted plants to create a hanging farm in any window of your home. WindowFarms can be made as a do-it-yourself project for around $50 to $100. However, many people have found that purchasing the window farm kits is a better option since these kits come with everything you will need including some things that may be hard to find locally.


Hydroasis is an online hydroponic supply store. This company offers everything a hydroponic gardener will need to create an indoor hydroponics sustainable garden. Individual pieces including mesh pots, growing media , air filters and nutrients can be purchased through the online store. For individuals who wanting full setups, that include hydroponic containers , these can also be purchased online through Hydroasis and delivered directly to your door.

Green Leaf Hydroponics

Green Leaf Hydroponics is a fully stocked hydroponic store located online. They deliver to the continental United States and will make special overseas deliveries within legal regulations regarding the order. This hydroponic story is similar to Hydroasis in that it does carry everything you would need for hydroponics. Several clearance options and special discounts are available through the store along with a mailing list subscription to receive new item news.

Living Towers

Living Towers is a hydroponic store located online and in South Florida. This store provides hydroponics in the form of tower units that can be purchased to fit into spaces within the home or in in enclosed patio area. These towers are similar to window farms in that they are available for small spaces or larger spaces. Like with other hydroponics companies online, complete kits as well as replacement parts and pieces can be purchased online through the store. Living Towers delivers all orders directly To the customers front door through UPS and USPS services.

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