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Published on Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Meet Eclipse, Seattle’s Famous Bus-Riding Dog


If you’ve never met a dog who can ride the city bus solo, you better add Seattle, Washington to your bucket list. Eclipse is a resident black Labrador who has become known for catching the bus to the dog park by herself. Sometimes she’ll catch the city bus with her owner, Jeff Young, but often times she’ll just hop on the bus and take it three or four stops to go play at the park.

Eclipse’s solo bus rides began when she decided to hop on a bus without her owner because he was taking too long to finish his cigarette. Young followed his audacious dog on the next bus, but he soon found out how capable and independent his pup could be. He went so far as buying Eclipse a transit card and attaching it to her harness. In 2015, Young told KOMO News that he got phone calls at least once a week from strangers saying that they found Eclipse roaming the streets, but he always reassured them that his pup knew what she was doing.

The King County Department of Transportation created this video to promote the city’s bus system and show how fun-loving Eclipse’s bus rides can be. In the video you’ll see Eclipse riding the bus to visit some local Seattle gems such as the waterfront, the Seattle Public Library and CenturyLink Field.

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Author: AThompson

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