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Published on Monday, February 19, 2018

Rescues At Sea


The latest video by The Dodo channel showed three videos of courageous people saving sea animals. The first video is of a small octopus, the size of a human palm, stranded on the beach. Octopus cannot survive long under the blazing sun. They often dry out and die within a few hours. However, this octopus was lucky enough to have a person spot him. His savior slowly picked him up, took him down to the shore and set him free. The octopus celebrated with a jet of ink as he swam off.   

The second clip was of four whale sharks stuck in a large fishing net. Whale sharks can grow up to the size of a small aircraft. Despite their massive size, however, they pose no threats to humans. Nearby scuba divers spotted them and were able to easily free two of them. The last two needed a bit of a push but were successfully released. They then stuck around to say thank you.

The last video is of a giant manta ray which got tangled in a fishnet and ended up being washed up on the shore. Manta rays can weigh upto 3600 lb and can be extremely difficult to move. What started with two individuals trying to push him back into the sea ended up with a group of more than eight individuals collaborating in releasing him from the net and pushing him back into the sea. Luckily the tide kept him wet and alive until the men were successful in pushing him back to the sea.

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Author: AThompson

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