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Published on Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Shark Feeding Frenzy Capture By Aerial Drone


A drone shot ocean video captured by Tovi Sonnenberg, who was on vacation at the time, shows footage of a beautiful yet scary feasting activity where multiple sharks attempted to feed on a large school of fish during the month of August. This school of fish was gathered nearby the shore of the Hamptons on Long island, one of the most popular vacation locations in the United States.The fish are avoiding the shark attack by following a flocking behavior that makes it difficult, and almost impossible for the shark to capture just one fish. Therefore, instead of trying to focus on a specific fish, the sharks begin making random lunges in general directions of the high dense groups, hoping to grab something.

The incredible footage shows the sharks in their peak of attempts to capture their prey, and the large number of misses accumulated as the school of fish continued to implement their instinctual yet successful tactic. Although this footage is making headlines and drawing interest throughout the internet, scientists revealed that this feasting behavior is very commonly seen and has been increasing around this popular area. The sharks seen in the video are believed to be sandbar or dusky sharks, and the fish are Menhaden, which are both common in the North Atlantic Coast.

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Author: AThompson

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