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Published on Monday, December 4, 2017

The Great Whale Rescue


A drone video captured by WWF Indonesia shows an incredible rescue effort of ten beached whales. These forty-ton live sperm whales were found on the shore of coast Aceh in Indonesia. The rescue process required many volunteers, heavy weight tools, and ropes. The whales were pulled back into the water using tug boats. Cranes were also previously used in such rescues. This event required the attendance of environmental officials, the Indonesian navy, and various rescue groups working continuously to ensure the that the whales survive. Rescuers feared for the whale’s ability to handle being on shore for longer than a day as their organs begin to collapse due to their heavy weight.

The first five whales were successfully rescued and floated into the water at around midnight on the night of the incident. Two more whales were also saved a few hours later. The last three whales were unfortunately pronounced dead the next morning. Additionally, one of the saved whales returned to the same shore that morning and died as well.

Although whale strandings have been seen previously around the world, scientists do not always have a definitive answer to why they happen. The large crowds at this particular stranding made it difficult for scientists to obtain detailed reports from the carcasses. It is thought that some whales get stranded when sick or lost. Moreover, a group of whales can get stranded as a whole due to their strong bond if only one member becomes stranded.


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Author: AThompson

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