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Published on Friday, February 19, 2016

These 20 Animals Pretty Much Have Superpowers


These 20 Animals Pretty Much Have Superpowers

Do you believe in magic or superpowers? Not like Clark Kent or the magic show, as in real life superpowers? Believe it or not, there are animals that seem to posess these forces of nature, branding them extra-ordinary species. Here is a list of 20 animals with real-life super powers.


They trigger a distinctive protein in their bodies that neutralize all known toxins.

Turritopsis nutricula jellyfish

It can go back to its polyp structure and start a fresh. They are typically immortal.


Man’s best friend possesses the gift of utmost instinct. They are known to posess telepathic powers that enhances the more they are with humans.


They process a reddish sweat that resembles blood in order to cool down.

Sea cucumbers

These animals can convert into a liquid, and then switch back to a solid.


These bird species can copy any sound it hears including sounds of other animals as well as machinery.

Rhinoceros Beetle

This tiny creature can lift 850 times its body weight.


Salamanders can recuperate lost parts of its body including internal organs.

Dung beetles

They employ the moon and star as a compass to lead them as they drag their dang balls.

Female box turtle

The female box turtle can stock sperm within itself for several months. It will then inseminate itself when it feels it’s ready.


Crocodiles consume stones and utilize then for balance in water as well as grind food during digestion.

Flying snake

Talk of a flying snake, as if just a plain snake is not scary enough.

Pistol shrimp

The pistol shrimp has a claw which snaps shut so fast it builds a cavitation bubble nearly as hot as the sun’s surface. It creates a noise of up to 218 decibels when the bubble collapses.

Mantis Shrimp

They sway their arms out at 80kph when they punch, with similar speed to that of a 22-caliber bullet. Also, they have 16 color receptive cones which allow hen to see the entire spectrums of light including ultraviolet rays.

Alpine ibex

This is a species of mountain goat that are very good at trending up vertical walls.

Horned Lizard

 It can shoot blood from its eyes to wade of predators.


This mollusk generates its own set of magnetite teeth that are the toughest, solid thing ever formed by a living organism.

Cardinal fish

This fish spits out the Ostracods, something that resembles a burst of bluish flame


These creatures are indestructible.


One thing common with all these creatures is that their ‘superpowers’ somehow help them adapt to their natural surroundings and increase their survival. They may not shoot laser beams from their eyes, but they sure do incredible things, for example, a snake with no wings but flies or a fish that transforms its matter to liquid then back to solid.

If not superpowers, what else would you refer to them as?

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Author: Vrountas

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