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Published on Friday, February 17, 2017

They Found a Cannabis Farm Where!?!


They Found a Cannabis Farm Where!?!

In a very shocking discovery, a cannabis farm was found at the Legoland theme park in Windsor, Berkshire in the United Kingdom. We guess that’s one way to help drive business for the park’s food establishments, but maybe not something the parents will approve of.

What Was Found?

Legoland workers were conducting a routine search for asbestos when they stumbled upon an operating cannabis farm. The cannabis factory consisted of over 50 plants about three feet high. The operation was also outfitted with heat lamps and an irrigation system.

Where Was It Found?

The cannabis farm was discovered in what’s being described as a derelict cottage that once served as staff housing but is now abandoned. The cottage is on part of the 215 acre estate owned by Legoland. However, it was outside of the theme park’s boundaries and inaccessible to the public. So visiting parents don’t have to be worried that their children may stumble upon a cannabis farm while playing with legos. However, the cottage where the cannabis farm was found was situated near the entrance where visitors can leave their pets for the day. Legoland assured visitors that all pets were safe despite the proximity.

It is believed that the cottage was accessed via Crown Estate land. The popular Windsor Castle, another major attraction in Windsor and often used residence of the Queen, is a mere three miles from the site of the cottage. The land bordering Legoland is part of the Crown Estate, land owned by the Queen, and is likely how the trespassers accessed the cottage discreetly. Windsor Castle and its accompanying grounds, including The Home Park and Windsor Great Park, make up more than 5000 acres. Many cottages, gardens, chapels and even a school are situated on these grounds, part of the Crown Estate. Over 1.3 million people visit Windsor Castle every year. With grounds so vast and countless people visiting, it’s easy to see how trespassers may go unnoticed.

Who Is Responsible?

Legoland Windsor was quick to address the situation and released a direct statement regarding their discovery. A spokesperson for the theme park said, “Following routine checks, we can confirm that illegal substances were found in a derelict cottage outside of the Legoland Park boundary. The building in question is inaccessible to the public and appears to have been accessed via the Crown Estate. We have notified Thames Valley Police and we will continue to support their ongoing investigation.” Upon notification with a call at 11:15 AM, the Thames Valley Police officers arrived at Legoland to conduct their investigation. They closed off the cottage where the cannabis factory was located and the surrounding area but the Legoland theme park remained open.

Following the investigation, officers arrested two men on suspicion of producing cannabis, a class B drug in the UK. The men arrested were a 40 year old man from Windsor and a 34 year old from nearby Burnham. The two men were released on bail until February 28th.

Legoland Windsor

Legoland Windsor welcomes over 2.25 million visitors every year and is the most visited theme park in the United Kingdom. In 2016, Legoland Windsor celebrated their 20th birthday. In 1996 the theme park was constructed on the site of the former Windsor Safari Park as the second Legoland in the world, after the original Legoland theme park in Denmark. Legoland Windsor has faced a number of unfortunate incidents over the years, including a fire in 2006 and high concentration of wasps in 2010. Let’s hope this latest incident of a cannabis farm found on their property doesn’t detract from the number of visitors heading to Legoland Windsor for some family fun and adventure.


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