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Published on Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Three Baby Raccoons Befriend Some Fishermen


One day, two fisherman were fishing at a creek in Wooster, Ohio, only to find three baby raccoons swimming towards them. These raccoons were playful and excited to make new friends, so they decided to crawl on top of one fisherman and follow him around. According to this National Geographic video, the raccoons may have been interested in the man because of his beard. The babies could have mistaken him as a furry raccoon, or they were just in the mood to befriend some humans. One of the raccoons even started licking the fisherman’s ear!

The second fisherman then fed the baby raccoons with a dead fish, and he built them a shelter. Animal experts say that if the mother of baby raccoons is nowhere in sight, then it’s okay to build the wild young a shelter where you found them. For these baby raccoons in particular, they could have wandered briefly from their den or been orphaned by their mother. Thankfully, raccoons are known to be very resourceful and opportunistic.

But despite their fun and playful attitude, raccoons should not be kept as pets. Encounters between humans and wild raccoons are common, but it’s important to keep these wild creatures wild.

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Author: AThompson

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