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Published on Thursday, August 24, 2017

Two Adorable Pandas and Their First 100 Days of Life


On July 15, 2013, twin giant panda cubs were born at Zoo Atlanta in Georgia. According to tradition, pandas don’t receive their names until their 100-day birthday. This video shows the growth of the twins during their first 100 days of life before they received their official names. It’s amazing to see their progression as small hairless creatures, to the large and cuddly balls of fur we all know and love.  When the video was released on October 23, 2013, they were introduced to the world as Mei Lun and Mei Huan. They became famous as “the first surviving pair of giant panda twins ever born in the U.S.” The twins are the fourth and fifth offspring of Yang Yang and Lun Lun.

Although they were born and raised in Zoo Atlanta, Mei Lun and Mei Huan have since been located to Sichuan, China and now live at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. According to Mother Nature News, the twins have had some trouble with the adjustment. They were not keen on their new diet of apples, bamboo and Chinese bread, and instead wanted their favorite American crackers. Also, the language barrier is not always easy for the panda keepers. But like most cases of culture shock, a new place just takes a little bit of time to get used to.


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Author: AThompson

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