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Published on Friday, November 24, 2017

Wally The Squirrel


The video by Dodo shows an adorable squirrel named Wally who fell from his nest on a tree as a small day or two old baby. Wally was rescued and taken into the home of a family with a large dog named Jax. When Wally was finally older and healthy enough to survive on his own the family attempted to release him outside. However, Wally was too attached to Jax and his family so he chose to stay around the house and refused to leave.

The video shows Wally growing up with Jax and getting comfortable living in this new home. Wally enjoys messing around with Jax in many ways including hiding nuts all over his fur and coming back to find them later, he also likes to play with Jax’s tail and paws. As Wally got more comfortable he began to mess around the house and play with Jax’s food and toys. Wally does not only mess with the dog, he also enjoys playing with pretty much all household items while looking for the right material to build hs bed.

The family takes great care of Wally, providing an entire squirrel friendly room for him filled with all the necessities and entertainment he might need to feel at home. Some of the things the family have kept in Wally’s room include dirt buckets for digging, tree branches, and squirrel sized toys.

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Author: AThompson

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