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Published on Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Year-Long Video Captures Intimate Footage of Wild Animals


Two wildlife photographers, Bruno D'Amicis and Umberto Esposito set up a camera in Italy's National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, and filmed a spot in the park with a single beech tree. They captured footage for 365 consecutive days, starting in June 2016 up until May 2017. Their film shows an assortment of wild animals that pass by the beech tree or interact with it in some way. Through the four seasons, the camera sees wild boars, deer, badgers, a pack a wolves, and an assortment of bears. One of the brown bears is even caught using the beech tree as a back scratching post.

According to the National Geographic, both photographers wanted to film the wild animals in “ways that the public don’t normally get to see.” D’Amicis said that the highlights from the video were scenes with the Marsican/Apennine brown bear. This sub-species of the brown bear is considered critically endangered and can only be found to within the range of Abruzzo National Park and surrounding areas. Their hope is that the video sparks more appreciation for these unique forests in a time where urban development and population are on the rise. Hopefully their video can make the wider public realize that forests and wildlife are worth protecting.


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Author: AThompson

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