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800 Sylvan Avenue Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632, 1(800)298-5018

Englewood, New Jersey, 7632

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Unilever is a company that creates, produces and sells retail products for everyday use. Their products promote the well-being and health of their customers, and Unilever ensures to create healthy, unique, and clean products to sell at an affordable price online and in retail stores. Some of their products range from ice cream and food products, to bath needs, makeup and other personal care items, and even includes other household items used by customers every day. Unilever is committed to practicing responsible business and uses millions of dollars each year to research and develop better options for sustainability. Unilever also encourages its brands to follow their business standards. Under the Unilever name, over 400 brands with various different products are sold around the world. Unilever also supports worldwide charities and helps to get daily washing products and other necessities to those in need around the world. They were able to reach over 300 million people by 2013 and they continue to promote this worldwide act of kindness. They also support their brand’s campaigns such at the Lifebuoy hygiene through handwashing campaign and the Dove campaign for real beauty, which promote healthy and happy lifestyles around the world. Unilever is a growing company that continues to be profitable worldwide.


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