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Apple Inc.

1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA 95014, 1(408) 996-1010

Cupertino, California, 95014

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Apple Incorporated was developed in 1977, and has since morphed into a worldwide brand in innovative technology. Apple incorporated creates, sells, and markets mobile devices, computers, laptops, music players, and other technological devices with a goal to make more convenient and intelligent outlets for individuals to use. Apple Incorporated has also grown to be an international name for mobile applications, specifically involved with the selling of musical mp3s with iTunes. The company has also developed the Mac App stores in which iPhones and iMacs can use as an online retailer for games, tools, and other online applications to download on their devices. Recently, they have becoming a leading name for online popularity with the creation of Apple TV, and the iCloud, which allows customers to download shows, movies, music and more, and share within their family plan and friends in a unique outlet. Apple incorporated is consistently working on improving its software and creating new applications and mobile devices. Their most recent innovations include the iPhone 6s and the Apple watch. Along with the creation of these devices, Apple supports other research projects that better the lives of the public and is a leading intelligence company located within the United States.


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