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Whole Foods Market

640 N LaSalle St #300, Chicago, IL 60654, 1 (512)-477-445

Chicago, Illinois, 60654

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Whole Foods Market was founded in 1980, in Austin, Texas. The grocery store’s initial goal was to sell natural products as well as organic products that have been grown and made free of added chemicals, preservative and additives. Whole Foods has always been dedicated to the health of their employees and customers, and upholds sustainable standard when it comes to the agricultures side of the grocery business. The Whole Foods Market upholds standards to promote animal welfare, and ensures that their all of their animal products come from ranches, farms, and seafood processing facilities that pass their high standards. Since its start in 1980, the Whole Foods Corporation now has almost 400 stores within the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Whole Foods Markets include all natural and organic basic perishable and nonperishable goods, as well as teas, coffees, beers, wine, cheeses, meat, baked goods, and even ready-made prepared food options. They also offer natural and organic nutritional supplements, vitamins, household cleaning products, pet food and toys, and personal body care products. The corporation has also expanded their stores and added in cafes, tea procurement facilities, and kitchens to make their stores more convenient and welcoming to customers. Whole Foods Market consistently supports their communities, and gives over five percent of their yearly profit to charities and community initiatives each year.


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