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Dell Inc.

2300 West Plano Parkway. Plano, TX 75075, 1 (703) 289 800

Plano, Texas, 75075

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Founded in 1984, Dell Incorporated was founded my Michael Dell, with an in visionary concept for the new and improved personal computer. Throughout the past 31 years, Dell Incorporated had grown tremendously to become one of the most popular names in personal computers. The company is now one of the top suppliers of laptops, and also designs, manufactures, and sells, personal computers, printers, data storage systems, network servers, and more. Dell has numerous offices around the world and serves millions of people. The United States is a main market for Dell Incorporated, because about half of their profits are generated within the country. Dell is a privately owned company, and employs over 108,800 employees in many different countries around the world. Dell Incorporated makes it a priority for the company to help and serve their customers through quick response and great customer service. The company has 65 interaction with customers per second on average. Dell Incorporated works to foster discussions that help customers voice their opinions so that the company can receive and take into consideration the wants, needs, and issues of their customers in order to create better products and services. Dell is constantly looking for ways to advance and improve their systems and create high sped technology for their customers. Innovative technology is a label the company strives to achieve.


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