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University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA 19104, 1 (215) 898-500

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19104

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The University of Pennsylvania has been a top learning institution since 1740, when it was founded by Benjamin Franklin and George Whitefield. The school currently has almost 25,000 students and over 4,500 faculty members on staff. As of 2014, the school has a 10.4 percent acceptance rate, accepting only the top student applicants. The University of Pennsylvania is a charter member of the Ivy League, and prides itself on its dedication to learning and future research. For the 2015 year, the school has a fiscal budget of $851 million that will support the research of professors and graduate students. As a top university, the University of Pennsylvania offers many intercollegiate sports at a competitive level. They currently have over 25 NCAA Division sports teams. As for the 2015-16 tuition for the university is $49,536 and average room and board fees amount to $13,990. The University of Pennsylvania prides itself to uphold tradition, encourage creativity and forward thinking, and to keep faculty and students fully engaged and excited to learn. The university also encourages students and staff to volunteer and give back to the community through their program, The Netter Center for Community Partnerships, which encourages civic engagement within the campus and the surrounding community. Since 1992, the Netter Center has worked to help the West Philadelphia area, to which the campus belongs.


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