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State Street Corporation

1290 6th Ave, New York, NY 10104, 1 (617)786-3000

New York, New York, 10104

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The State Street Corporation is a financial services group that focuses on holding and investing funds, and also providing financial advice to clients. The company itself is the holder of about 11 percent of the world’s assets. The group is involved in over 100 markets around the world, serving companies and individuals alike. As a financial services group, the State Street Corporation works to serve its customers with accounting services, investment aid, banking services, and more. They are always encouraging new research, data, and innovative technology to improve and advance their current business methods. The State Street Corporation is a supporter of local and worldwide communities by giving back through their State Street Foundation, which was started in 1977. The foundation gave away almost $20 million in grants to help support education and development. The State Street Corporation is a partner of many groups when it comes to business, as well as community service projects. One of their most recent service projects is the Bostin WINS project, which works to advance Boston’s workforce through education. The project is funded by the State Street Foundation which has given about $20 million in funding to the program. The funds from the State Street Corporation support five local nonprofit groups that work to improve youth education services within he community.


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