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Chicago Public Schools

125 S Clark St, Chicago, IL 60603, 1 (773) 553-100

Chicago, Illinois, 60603

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"The Chicago Public School system has 660 different public schools within the Greater Chicago area incorporated within their sector. These include elementary, junior high, high schools, and even some early childhood development centers. Within the entire Chicago Public School System, there are almost 400,000 students of all ages educated within these schools. The Chicago Public School system has almost 22,000 teachers employed within the district and 510 different Principals of the schools. The Chicago Public School system works to teach its students from all backgrounds, and has over 16 percent of the student population in English Language Learners programs. Adversity is also a common issue in the school district, as nearly 87 percent of the student population comes from an economically disadvantaged family background. The school district has an estimated budget of about $5.7 billion dollars for the 2015 school year, with the majority of the funds coming from the local and state taxes. The Chicago Public School system works to engage and educate students within the city and instill priorities of learning and civic engagement within their students. Chicago Public Schools have enacted a five year plan, The Next Generation: Chicago's Children initiative, to achieve a higher quality of education for the students and create safer and more engaged communities within the Greater Chicago area.


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