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Apollo Group, Inc. / University of Phoenix

4025 S. Riverpoint Parkway Phoenix, AZ 85040, 1 (800) 366-969

Phoenix, Arizona, 85040

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The Apollo Education Group, an affiliate of the University of Phoenix, is an organization which works to improve the standard of higher education and help working adults get a better education through online classes and other focused groups. The Apollo education group dates back to 1973, and specifically works with adults returning to school to forward their education goals, while still maintaining jobs to support themselves. This image of the non-traditional student body is a standard of the Apollo Education Group as well as the University of Phoenix. The Apollo Education Group works with other subgroups of the University of Phoenix, including the Apollo Global, Carnegie Learning, College for Financial Planning, and Apollo Education Ventures. The groups help to ease the lives of their adult students by providing academic advice and scheduling services, training courses for faculty, technical support for their sites, financial aid support, and also works to organize student groups to help students interact with others The group is dedicated to providing reliable and convenient service to students and faculty of the university and sticks to strict ethical and privacy standards on all levels of the group. Through these ethical standards, the Apollo Education Group works to enhance their four main goals of the university: preparation, acquisition, development and advancement.


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