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WhiteWave Foods Company

1225 Seventeenth Street, Suite 1000. Denver, CO 80202, 1 (303) 635-400

Denver, Colorado, 80202

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WhiteWave Foods is a food and beverage supply company that produces and packages plant-based foods and products. WhiteWave Foods is a part of the Dean Foods Corporation, and was created in 2012 to produce consumer packaged goods that are plant based, featuring many wholesome and organic brand within their services. The service distribute products from brands like Silk beverages, Horizon Organic dairy products, Earthbound Farm organic produce, and more. These brands distribute products like plant based snacks, soy milk, organic milk, organic produce, coffee creamers, and more. WhiteWave Foods has worked to provide nutritious and wholesome food choices to customers, and has made the health food kick a mainstream standard with the popularity of their products. The products they produce and sell are made with only the best ingredients, grown responsibly and ethically, and the company promotes transparency in all levels of transaction to be honest with their customers and partners. As a whole, the WhiteWave Foods Company works to provide hunger relief for people in need around the globe, and supports global and local organizations to help the greater good. The brand is committed to making a friendly and positive workplace for their employees to interact, and also works to uphold sustainability standards in their business to promote a healthier global environment.


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