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State of Delaware

One Baxter Parkway Deerfield, IL 60015, 1 (800) 422-983

Deerfield, Illinois, 60015

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Baxter International Incorporated is a healthcare company that creates products that aid in the prevention and treating of many diseases, illnesses, and immune disorders. Baxter International is based out of the United States, with the headquarters located in Deerfield, Illinois. The company was founded in 1931, and has since grown to employ over 60,000 employees and reach a net worth of over $15 billion dollars in sales. Baxter International Incorporated operates two separate companies with two separate goals. One of the companies under the Baxter International name is BioScience, which works with plasma proteins and therapies to treat immune disorders and blood-related symptoms. BioScience constantly works to find new research and better cures for these medical concerns. The other company under the Baxter International name is Baxter’s Medical Products, which produces product that aid in the care of patients, such as anesthetics and fluids and drugs and the delivery methods of those prescriptions to patients. Baxter International was the first company to commercially produce IV solutions and kidney dialysis care. The company has worked for over 80 years to improve the quality of care for medical patients, and find cures and medicines for diseases and disorders of the human body. The health and safety of their consumers, employees, and patients has always been the main goal of the organization.


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