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Port of Portland

6208 N Ensign St, Portland, OR 97217, 1(503) 240-2200

Portland, Oregon, 97217

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The Port of Portland is located near the Portland International Airport in Portland, Oregon. The port is responsible for keeping track of both the marina and the aviation activities in the area. The Port of Portland dates back to 1891 when the original port was created by the Oregon Legislative Authority. It was combined with the Portland Commission of Public Docks in the 1970s and become a commissioned part of the regional governments of the surrounding counties. Within the Port there are four marine terminals and three main airports under their jurisdiction. In its location on the Swan Island Basin, sits directly between the Wilmette River and the Columbia River, so it has control of all the marinas and aviation sites within the area. These include the Portland International Airport, the Troutdale Airport, and the Hillsboro Airport. As a government-run organization, the Port of Portland works to not only oversee the marina and aviation works, but also controls and enforce the noise reduction policy, works to create plans and manages construction and deicing projects within the port, ensures the safety and well-being of the wildlife in the area, and more. The port manages the run-off from their facilities to prevent pollution and help to preserve the environment and the animals living within the area.


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