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Irvine Company Office Properties

20 Pacifica, Irvine, CA 92618, 1(949)720-2000

Irvine, California, 92618

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Irvine Company Office Properties is a branch of the Irvine Company, a California-based brand that focuses on the sale and investment of real estate properties. The Irvine Company dates back to 1864, when the Irvine Ranch was founded by James Irvine. The land was preserved for many years and later became the Irvine Company in 1894 as the owner bought out more land for the use of ranches, farming, and public parklands. Since its start, the company has supported the construction of many structures and institutions in the Southern California area, and even donated land to what is now the University of California Irvine, respectfully named after the brand. Irvine Company Office Properties is directly invested in the field of buying, fixing, and selling office buildings and facilities within Southern California and Downtown Chicago. There are over 500 different properties within the Irvine Company Office Properties’ portfolio, and the business is always looking to expand and acquire new places. The company has shown success in long-term management of their properties, and works to upkeep a diversified portfolio of properties. They work to bring the best service and competitive prices to their customers, and work to invest and reinvest in properties. The Irvine Company is interested in long-term growth of their properties, opposed to many real estate corporations that work on having a quick turnaround with instant gratification.


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