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Nokia USA

200, South Matilda Avenue, W Washington Ave, Sunnyvale, California 94086,, 1(408)530-7600

Sunnyvale, California, 94086

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Nokia USA is the North American branch of the Nokia Company, an information technology and communications company. Nokia focuses on the research, design, and manufacture of mobile devices, computer services, and intellectual property for both individuals and businesses. Nokia has been in business for many years, but originally started in 1871 in Finland as a wood pulp mill The Nokia company later become a rubber and boot manufacturer in the 1960, and delve into the world of digital technology in the late 1960s as telecommunication systems began to evolve. Nokia has always worked to be at the forefront of change and the market and works to supply their customers with in-demand products with the use of the latest technology and features. Nokia works to be a leading company for fostering innovation in technology and communication devices, and works to serve several billion people around the world through their products and services. The company also supports the well-being of the company and the planet, and work to do so in many ways. While the mission of the company is to keep people connected through its products and services, the company also serves their communities outside of their corporate agendas. The Nokia group encourages employees to volunteer in their communities, and gives financial aid to organizations and charities as a way to give back and help the people of the world.


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