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Reed Elsevier, Inc.

1-3 Strand, London WC2N 5JR, United Kingdom, 1(781)313-4700

Waltham, London, 0

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Reed Elsevier, also referred to as RELX, is a leading information and analytics company based out of London that focuses on creating solutions for individuals and businesses around the world. The Reed Elsevier company dates back to 1894, when it was founded by Albert Edward Reed, and has remained a top corporation for information and resreach. The company works to find research and analytical solutions for scientific, medical, and technical fields, and holds a great deal of responsibility and credibility with a staff of highly-competent researchers and professionals. Reed Elsevier values innovation, intellect, and accuracy when delving into research projects, as they have the goal of proving the information their clients need to succeed. The group’s responsibility include conducting extensive research in their fields of study, and reporting the results to their clients to aid in the discovery of new findings and improvements in their areas of research. The content published by Reed Elsevier/RELX is considered to be of the highest quality and critical for knowledge of the field, so the researchers at the company take their jobs very seriously, and the company works to find and publish only accurate information. The Reed Elsevier group is the top global organization for providing professional information and research, and makes over $9.5 billion dollars in revenue, and has assets of almost $18 billion.


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